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First Pillar 360

First Pillar Studios is a Florida based video production studio with a focus on capturing and creating original content using 360 video and panoramic photography. Our approach is different than others because our focus first and foremost is to generate new experiences that truly connect with people. Don’t get us wrong, the technology is amazing! But we know that a true 360 video experience needs to be more than a gimmick, more than an add-on. It needs to be an equal part of your brand’s overall approach. We can create content using this technology that adds great value to your business's social interaction and generates excitement for potential customers.

One-of-a-Kind Studio

Let’s talk about our team! We are 100%, truly, a one-of-a-kind studio where video meets audio in the most unique sense. Where live music can be heard in the hallways as one of our songwriting teams writes original music. In the front office you might find our screenwriters riffing through a new storyline in development. It’s a place where Emmy award winning team members create original content, music videos, and branded entertainment. Where Grammy award winning musicians record their albums alongside our highly experienced producers. We see it as our duty to make sure First Pillar Studios is truly a place of excitement and adventure so that we have the ability to inject that atmosphere into everything we do for our clients. Check out our main website at

First Pillar Studios

First Pillar Studios

A Creative Video and Audio Production Company

Are you interested in working with us in other creative ways? First Pillar 360 is only part of what we do. At First Pillar Studios we understand the power of video, we know how to harness it and put it to work. Whether your company is a staple here in Florida or is an International superstar - we know what kind of Creative Video Production will be able to best promote and brand your company or product best. The old ways of commercial advertising are not enough, nowadays - businesses need to communicate through Youtube and social media marketing as well. All of these channels require video. It is the #1 way people view content in today's fast-paced streaming world.

First Pillar Studios lives for creating original video productions. Not only is First Pillar one of the first studios in the southeast to offer full 360 Video Services we are one of the only studios in Florida to offer complete Audio Production Services as well. We don't stop at gear and tech though - we know video is more than that. Video is a vehicle to drive home a message, it is a way for people to bond, to learn and remember. Creating video truly is our passion, our life and our journey. Come join us at