360 Video & Photography Services

360 Music Video

360 video is a new and innovative way to approach video marketing. Brands are looking for ways to take hold and embrace this technology to the fullest. We can help develop a 360 video production solution for your business and pioneer a fun and exciting way to reach your potential customers.

A 360 Video can create the ultimate feeling of immersion. We can record a real-world video panorama that enables the viewer to look in every direction and experience the sights and sounds of any location in the world all from their phone or computer. This is done by using one of our 360 Camera solutions to capture the view from every direction at once.

Business Applications

360 Video Tour

The simplest application of this new type of video are 360 Video Tours - We create an interactive tour of your business that allows viewers to virtually walk through and look around the environment. This type of add-on video is an awesome way to bring in new customers, especially for businesses who want to show off their location. Or perhaps you have an amazing landscape you want your viewers to be able to experience remotely? Lets shoot a 360 Environment Experience!

360 Training Videos

At First Pillar we’ve learned that one of the most useful and effective applications of 360 video is with company training and learning experiences. What better way to learn a new skill or train for a new job then to actually be there. This is a great way to increase the effectiveness of your company's training program.

360 Branded Marketing

Let’s not forget sales! Stand out from everyone else by doing something different. Create a video that potential customers can interact with. Show off, get crazy, target your audience with a new adventure or an unbelievable branded experience. Recent studies have shown that interactive media can enhance a user’s experience with a brand and that if that experience is new and innovative it can bring the sales up even further!

360 Entertainment

Creative Applications

360 Music Videos - Take your music career up a notch and let us create a mind blowing 360 experience that lets fans interact with you and your music.

360 Video Live Shows - The ultimate immersion! Do you have an event or show that you want the whole world to be able to see live! Broadcast in 360 and open up the show for everyone to see.

360 Video Short Films - It’s an experience like no other. Have you tried it yet? Check out our 360 short film here and immerse yourself in a new world. (Best viewed with a VR headset)

360 Video Immersive Entertainment - We can build expansions to your current products using our know how of 360 media. Maybe your website needs an additional storytelling element. We can build it!